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What is Reflexology

Dating back to ancient civilizations of Egypt, India and China reflexology is a method of activating the healing powers of the body.

The belief in the healing power of the feet on the body continues today in countries all around the world. Reflexology paths have been created both indoors and outdoors in public parks, apartment courtyards, spas and corporate environments to encourage people of all ages to walk in socks or bare foot on a daily basis to stimulate reflex points on the feet to promote health and wellbeing.

In Japan around 1990 Abe Shunichi was recruited by Shiseido cosmetic factory to create a health facility that would help the wellbeing of its staff. After considering various equipment and gym options he chose to create a reflexology pathway.

Inspired by Father Josef Eugster of Taiwan whose reflexology work inspired the use of reflexology throughout Asia and drawing on his own experience of reflexology Abe Schunichi built a seventy five metre path with segments made up from specific rocks to work on specific reflexology points on the feet. The path was surrounded by grass and trees and had a walking time of 15 minutes.

Research at the Shiseido factory concluded that the use of the path by it staff increased productivity and gradually reduced health care costs.

Many pathways around the world are now based on the original Shunichi design. 

The Benefits of Reflexology

The main principle of reflexology is based on energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas on the hands, feet and ears that correspond to major organs, glands and body parts.

By using specific techniques and applying a steady pressure to areas of the hands, feet and ears, healing and relaxation may be experienced in all parts of the body.

By bringing the whole body back into balance (homeostasis) mind body and spirit become balanced and the body may function better.

At the clinic Julie combines foot, hand and auricular (ear) reflexology with aromatherapy to help alleviate a number of conditions. She encourages and empowers her clients to help and treat themselves.

  • Stress & Insomnia - Deep induced tranquil relaxation may help reduce stress and sleeplessness
  • Circulation - Reduced stress and tension may help the blood to flow naturally and easily
  • Detox – Stimulating the lymphatic system may help eliminate toxins
  • Creativity and Productivity – Reduced tension & a calm mind may help restore mental alertness
  • Energy – Open energy pathways may help supply energy on physical, emotional and mental levels
  • Cravings & Addiction – May assist with smoking and  alcohol cessation and weight loss
  • Pain – May help to relieve tension, head, neck and musculo-skeletal pain


Check out the AOR- Association Of Reflexologists Interactive Foot Map to see how the parts of the foot are connected to the rest of the body 


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